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Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence

20 Facts You May or May Not Want to Know About Me

1. My name is Kelsey N.
2. I'm 19 years old
3. I live in Avon, IN, United States, but am currently attending Butler University.
4. I'm an actress, singer, dancer, writer, and musician
5. My favorite activities are hanging out with my best friend and using the computer
6. I make computer graphics in my spare time
7. I'm obsessed with science fiction, fantasy, and era films.
8. I've been an actress and singer since I was 2 years old
9. I was in show choir at my high school
10. I'm a straight A student (Yeah, yeah, brown noser, I know...)
11. Church is basically my life, but I am not, in any way, a Biblethumper
12. I have a strange affinity for toothpicks
13. I have an unhealthy addiction to coffee
14. I prefer vanilla bean ice cream over french vanilla
15. I'm very pale, and I like it that way
16. I spend more time living someone else's life than my own. (i.e. roleplaying, writing stories...etc...))
17. I have been to Hawaii, China, and Greece with a professional children's choir.
18. I spontaneously burst into song (usually from a musical, but not always)
19. I put more emphasis on my arts than anything else in my life
20. I'm a very intense person